Defect analysis in Bromley

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  • Building defect analysis experts

    Building defect analysis experts

    If you need advice on a particular building defect, including damp, defective roof coverings, condensation or cracks, contact us. These defects may have been observed during maintenance work or raised during a mortgage valuation report. We can tailor our report to suit your requirements and can offer you advice without undertaking a full survey of the building. These reports will be based upon an hourly rate or a fee confirmed at the time of instruction.

  • This report will include

    This report will include

    • Introduction
    • Defect investigation
    • Conclusion
    • Photographs

    We also offer home buyers’ surveys.

  • Property acquisition report

    Property acquisition report

    This type of survey provides property advice on the condition of the property. This survey is suitable for any property and can be used if purchasing a property at auction.

    The survey differs from the building survey by focusing on the essential defects and problems which are significant, or have a material effect on the value of the property. This is a condition report and the descriptions are less detailed. To find out more about this report, get in touch with B Wolfenden (Surveying) Ltd today.

  • The property acquisition report consists of
    The property acquisition report consists of
    • Property description
    • External building inspection
    • Internal building inspection
    • External boundaries and gardens
    • Services
    • Report conclusions
    • Photographs