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  • A thorough inspection

    A thorough inspection

    Building surveys are suitable for any building, but are especially recommended for older buildings (75 years and upwards) – those constructed out of unconventional materials such as timber. Surveys are also important for properties that have undergone extensive alterations or extensions – as well as properties that you intend to alter or renovate. We will carry out a thorough inspection, looking at every element that is visible or accessible by the use of a three metre ladder. We will examine the soundness of the structure, its general condition, and all major or minor faults. We also offer surveys for foundations, damp-proofing and tree roots.

  • A comprehensive report

    A comprehensive report

    The report you receive will be thorough and very detailed, as surveyors are legally obliged to inform you of all the findings of the survey. Rely on us to give an accurate report. If repairs are required, we will advise on trusted local contractors who will assist you with the repair work. Our service extends to discussing problems with your builders and explaining the potential implications. We can also provide you with a list of work and the cost, based on a worst-case scenario.

  • Tailor-made property surveys

    Tailor-made property surveys

    If you need any alterations such as removing internal walls we should be able to advise if it is load bearing or not. We can advise on local structural engineers to provide beam designs. If you are considering extending the property or wish to change the loft into a habitable room, we will report on the proposals and indicate any precautions needed. These may include drainage, trees, possible planning restrictions and guidance on party wall matters. The consumer organisation Which? and the Council of Mortgage Lenders recommend that you get a survey carried out before you enter into a legally binding contract to purchase. In order to fulfil your requirements the building survey can be tailored to suit your budget and needs.

  • The survey will include
    The survey will include
    • Executive summary
    • Property description
    • External building inspection
    • Internal building inspection
    • External boundaries, gardens garages outhouses and sheds
    • Services
    • Photographs to highlight the defects
    • Valuation or rebuild cost

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